Hazrat Imam ALI RAZA(A.S)
                                                               Ali Ibn Moosa The Eight Imam
Imam Raza (Ali ibn Moosa) was the son of the seventh Imam and according to well known accounts was born in 148/765 and
died in 203/817.
Honour name(LAQAB) Mother name No.of children Date of Birth Place of  Birth
RAZA Hazrat Um-ul-banin  Only Imam MUHAMMAD TAQI (A.S) 11th Zilqad 153 Hijri Madina-e-Munawara
Date of wafat/shahadat Duration of   Life Place of BURIAL Name of Massom
23 Zilqad 203 Hijri 50 Years Mashad  Muqadas (IRAN)   Ali

The eighth Imam reached the Imamate, after the death of his father, through Divine Command and the decree of his forefathers.
The period of his Imamate coincided with the caliphate of Haroon and then his sons Amin and Mamoon. After the death of his
father, Mamoon fell into conflict with his brother Amin which led to bloody wars and finally the assassination of Amin, after which Mamoon became caliph. Until that day the policy of the Abbasid caliphate toward the Shi'ites had been increasingly harsh and cruel.


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